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L  U  D  I  /  L  U  D  O


FOR    2    TO    4    PLAYERS   AGES   6   TO ADULT


OBJECT OF THE GAME: The object of the game is to be the first player to move his four markers around the board from START to HOME.


CONTENTS:   Game board, two Dice and 16 Markers (4 sets of 4 colors).




Each player selects a set of four markers of the same color and places them on his starting square of the same color. Players choose among themselves who plays first. The game continues in a clockwise direction.


1. A six must be thrown on at least one of the dice in order to enter a marker at the starting arrow. You then move the marker to the count of the other dice.


2. If a player dose not throw a six he may not enter, and his turn ends.


3. Each time a player throws a six; he gets another turn and may move any marker in play to the number shown on the dice.


4. Move markers in the direction of the arrow.




1. If a player’s marker comes to land by exact count on a space occupies by an opponent’s marker, the player knocks the opponent’s marker off. The marker goes back to the starting square and must re-enters according to the (TO START) rule.  


2. After a player knocks an opponent’s marker off, he must continue to move another marker to the count of the other dice. For example; a player throwing a 4 and 2 may knocks an opponent’s marker off with the move of 4, but must move 2 spaces with another marker. This can only be done if more than one marker is in play.




1. If a player’s lands on his own marker, this forms a block. A BLOCK cannot be passed by any other opponent’s markers.


2. A BLOCK may be held by a player as long as he can move another marker. It must however be broken if the full number rolled cannot be completed otherwise.


3. Two markers together or a BLOCK may be moved as one only when a player throws a double. Example; if a player throws four on both dice, the player must move the BLOCK four spaces only.


4. If a BLOCK occupies the starting arrow of on opponent, it would prevent the player from entering his marker in the game.






1. A player may enter his marker on his home path whenever he reaches the arrow that point to the color of his home. A player cannot be knocked off once he passes his home arrow.


2. An exact count must be thrown to enter HOME, example; if the player has one space to take him HOME, the player must roll one, on at least one of the dice.




1. The first player to move all four of his markers HOME WINS THE GAME.
















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Welcome to Ludi/Ludo Classic Game Board


Ludi / Ludo board game is a traditional family game for ages 6 and up for 2 to 4 players. This game was adapted from India and introduced in England in 1896, and has become a popular game in the Caribbean.  A fun game to play, Ludi /Ludo is a game of luck and strategy. The objective of the game is to be the first player to move all his markers from the starting base to the home base. Players move his or her markers strategically in a clockwise direction according to the count of the dice, knocking his or her opponent’s marker off the board along the way.


Our classic Ludi / Ludo game boards are colorfully design to make playing easier and faster. Each color is sequentially six counts apart. For instance, moving from a red box to the next red box would be six counts, yellow to yellow would also be six counts and so on.


Whether you are an experience player or new to the game, you can now purchase a Ludi game board and enjoy this fun game with families and friends.





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